Who Gave Us Mini Skirts?

Bettie asks: Who invented the mini skirt and when? Hello Bettie, Hemlines are starting to creep up in the mid 60s, born from the world-wide youth culture’s longing for fresh, fun and flirty styles. Up until now, teenagers were much like their parents. They dressed and acted like their parents and for the most partContinue reading “Who Gave Us Mini Skirts?”

A quarter can buy you a great night’s sleep…

… in one of the Roadrunner’s Snazzy 60s rooms That’s right, for just 25 cents you can be gently vibrated to sleep with the aid of the “Magic Fingers” vibrating bed in our Snazzy 60s rooms. What a treat after a day in the car, motoring across the country. The “Magic Fingers” vibrating device forContinue reading “A quarter can buy you a great night’s sleep…”