Roadrunner Lodge Motel Policies


Roadrunner Lodge Motel is a small property with limited staff and limited service hours. Check-in is available from 4PM to 9 PM Mountain time either over the phone for a no-touch experience, or in the lobby for a traditional face-to-face experience. If you want the no-touch experience, or if you are arriving after the lobby closes at 9 PM, call us at 575.282.RT66 during our lobby hours and we’ll check you in over the phone and let you know how to access your room. Check-out is by 10AM. We thank you in advance for your kind understanding if we cannot grant your early check-in or late check-out request.


Up to three guest dogs totaling 180 pounds or less per room are allowed. Bringing one dog is only $25 and two or three dogs is a very reasonable $35 plus tax. Animals may NOT be left outside or in vehicles or trailers overnight. Unfortunately, we only accept dogs and no other pets. Keeping undisclosed animals on the property overnight will incur a $250 charge per animal. Please, just tell us you are traveling with Fifi, Bailey, Hunter, Coco, or whomever they are.

Roadrunner Lodge Motel complies with state and local health regulations as well as federal ADA regulations. Service Animals are exempted from pet fees. “Service Animal” means an animal trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. The ADA requires Service Animals remain under the control of the animal’s handler at all times. Animals providing emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship are not recognized as Service Animals under ADA regulations.

Misrepresenting an animal as a qualified service animal is a criminal violation in New Mexico. (§ 28-11-6 NMSA 1978)

Smoking/Vaping/Essential Oils/Candles/etc.

Smoking or vaping in rooms, balconies, or walkways is not permitted at Roadrunner Lodge Motel. All you have to do is make sure you are at least three feet from the building when you smoke or vape. This include the use of cannabis, of course. Violating our smoking policy will incur a $500 fee. We don’t want to charge anyone; we simply want our rooms to be fragrance free for our guests. Just don’t smoke in or near the rooms and we’ll likely get along fabulously!

We know essential oils are used by many for their health benefits; however, please be aware some of our guests are quite sensitive. We use the same process to eliminate residual smells from essential oils as we do to remove the smells from smoking; therefore, we must ask you refrain from using them in our rooms or possibly incur the same fee to remediate. Once again, we thank you for your understanding.


Roadrunner Lodge Motel is a smaller property and we do not overbook our rooms. Many of our guests are on a once in a lifetime trip on Route 66 and we don’t want anyone to have a poor experience because their room was overbooked. As a smaller property, and especially during the busy season, we stop taking reservations when we fill up and we lose the opportunity to give another guest an experience at our motel. Should you need to cancel or modify your reservation, please inform us as early as possible and in any case at least 48 hours before 4PM on the date of your scheduled check-in. Cancellations/modifications less than 48 hours in advance of your check-in date, or no-shows will incur a fee equivalent to one night’s room rental (without any pet fees). We know sometimes emergencies happen in life, so even if it’s past the cancellation cut off, please give us a call if you aren’t going to make it. Perhaps we have a wait list and we can waive your cancellation fee and give someone else the opportunity to check us off their bucket list!

Privacy Policy

Our current privacy policy is at this location.

Thank you!

Thank you for following Roadrunner Lodge Motel’s policies. They are designed to ensure a consistently wonderful experience for all our guests and aid us in maintaining our vintage property.