Why is this favorite Easter treat hollow?

Lindt bunnies

Lindt Bunnies

Samantha asks, “Why are chocolate rabbits hollow?”

Hello Samantha, The real reason they’re hollow?  So they can actually be eaten!  Biting into a 5 or 6-inch tall SOLID chocolate rabbit is not easy because the chocolate has to have a certain hardness to retain its shape.

As a child, did you ever try to take a bite of your mom’s semi-sweet chocolate baking blocks in the kitchen, thinking they were candy? Not an easy bite.  And those were only about 3/4 of an inch thick. Imagine a big, solid bunny who’s 2 inches wide at the base? It would like biting into a brick.

Marketing studies have shown hollow bunnies are far more preferred by consumers than solid, simply because they’re easier to eat. The only types of solid bunnies that sell well are the very small, almost bite-size types that can easily be bitten through.

Image of Lindt Bunnies by Tammy Green of Chicago. Shared under Creative Commons-Share Alike 2.0 license.

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