Toys and Games of the 1960s

Ahh...A nice relaxing game with the boy while mom and sis clean up.
Ahh…A nice relaxing game with the boy while mom and sis clean up.

Mariah asks: Rhonda, could you remind us of what kids are playing with in the 1960s?

A: If I had a crystal ball I’d predict a large percentage of the toys introduced in this decade will surely stick around for several years. Toys and games like G.I. Joe, Twister and Operation are new. The well-known high-fashion doll, Barbie, once waned in popularity until a creative Christmas approach was dreamt up. The adding of a new family member, Skipper was recently introduced as Barbie’s little sister. Electrically powered racing cars are challenging the popularity of the electric train. And children all over the country are learning how to ride skateboards, an alternative to the current roller-skating trend. Board games like parcheesi are being played by ages anywhere from 7 to adults and canasta, a card game, is enjoyed by teens and adults. Girls are still playing jacks in the 60s, but they are becoming less popular. Additionally, model planes made from balsa wood are very popular as a craft as well as a toy. Kids are making them and flying them just like paper airplanes, but they fly so much better. (Oops! We have learned some kids are sniffing the glue used to make the planes, so I’m sure several companies will stop making them. Kids will be kids!)

At Roadrunner Lodge Motel we have a fun selection of games to keep the whole family engaged in the evenings. Come stay with us and ask us about Operation, Battleship, even the popular View-Master with a few different disc sets. We also have Lawn Bowling, and Blockbuster to be played outdoors.

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