Super Ball in original packaging

50,000 lbs of Compressed Energy!

Super Ball in original packagingRodney asks: Who invented the SuperBall?

Rhonda answers: Wham-O released the SuperBall in the summer of 1965, and the reigning kings of toy fads had yet another winner. Dropped from an outstretched hand, the SuperBall would bounce almost all the way back up, but that was only the beginning of the physics-defying fun.

Thrown with a bit of force (or a lot), the ball would bounce over roofs, across city blocks, or right up to the fragile lights at the top of the gymnasium.

Thanks to the ball’s remarkable friction, it could bounce back toward you or even up a wall with the right spin. At times, it seemed the SuperBall followed its own internal compass, and while that may have led to a few black eyes and bruised bodies, the danger only added to the fun. Source: Nostalgia Central, The Way Things Used to Be

I want to know if you were lucky enough to have one in the 60s. And tell us… did you break anything with it?

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