Fast Food comes to life

Fast Food was a FAD FOOD in the 1960s! Just as the Roadrunner Lodge Motel was born in the mid 60s, many American “Icons of Fast Food” were also being born all across our country throughout the decade. The moniker “Fast Food” was based on the use of the “assembly-line system” which was first introduced by McDonald’s in 1948 but it wasn’t until the 1960s that it really took off from coast to coast. If you traveled the country on road trips you may have delighted in choices of “FAST FOOD” ranging from the then bright and shiny new restaurants like pizza from Domino’s, Blimpie’s and Subway sub sandwiches, burgers and beef sandwiches from Hardees or Arby’s, or Mexican fare from Del Taco… all of which have successfully stood the test of time. Try to choose one of these icons on your next road trip and tell us where you ate!

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