Did you watch The Munsters?

Monica Asks Rhonda:

Rhonda – what was the crazy inspiration behind the creation of the 1960’s TV show, The Munsters?

Frankenstein Monster

The hilarious 1964 TV show “The Munsters” was actually created as somewhat of a parody of the 1954 television show, “The Donna Reed” show’s opening credits. The comedy, The Munsters were a weird but underlying wholesome family comprised of Herman (the father) a Frankenstein monster. Lily (his wife) and Grandpa (her father) were vampires. Eddie (their little son) was a werewolf. And their tongue-in-cheek humor suggests Marilyn (their pretty niece) was the only normal one who was considered the family’s ugly duckling. They lived in the “typical” haunted house, drove a hot rod funeral hearse, and were endlessly trying to fit in with the neighborhood. My family religiously watched it every week.


Here’s a 5- minute sample! Happy Halloween everyone!


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